Nicholas Cokinos Spirit Awards

For the Martial Arts and Fitness Industry


The Mpower “Nicholas Cokinos Spirit Awards” are given to recognize individuals in the Martial Arts and Fitness industry who display the attributes of professionalism and drive as described in the “Chairmans” Ten Tenets.

Awards will be given in 2 categories;

  • Instructional – to those who display excellence in leading classes, coaching or personal training activities for students or members.
  • Business – to those who display excellence in the business operations of the school, gym or club in which they work.

There will be a limited number of awards for each category given at each country’s Mpower Summit.

The Applicant, or person making the submission, must send a written application utilizing the elements of the Ten Tenets as described below. These applications will be reviewed by a panel of 3 reviewers assigning scores to each application. The highest scoring applications will be selected to receive the awards. Please see the “Awards rules” and the “Criteria” to have the best chance of your nominee being selected.

Applicants may include any information they think will support the application such as reviews, letters of thanks, business statistics etc. Reviewers will assess each application independently on the information provided with no communication between reviewers.

    Raising the Standards of Martial Arts and Fitness

    Always improving both individually and professionally.

    Question: How has the nominee demonstrated continual improvement?
    Examples: regular training, demonstrating high standards of personal presentation, and physical and mental development.

    The Rising Tide Lifts All Boats.

    Improving one’s self encourages others around us to improve.

    Question: How has the applicant displayed this characteristic?

    Example: Leading by example, being a good role model, continuing education and self-improvement, improving business practices, embracing change.

    This is a Black Belt School

    To become a Black Belt is to reach your individual best. We should always strive to improve our skill. A person with Great skill has worked towards their personal best and thus possesses a strong sense of accomplishment. Everybody we meet, everyone that walks through our doors has the ability to become a black belt , regardless of the industry. We teach people to be black belts, by achieving their personal best. Character, skill, and confidence are the result of becoming a black belt in spirit if not in martial arts.

    Question: How does the nominee display this principle?

    Example: Compares students not to each other or a curriculum, but rather measures them against their own previous performance and individual abilities. Helps stretch students to exceed the students own limitations. Encourages perseverance. Student retention and grading momentum could be measurable elements of these criteria.

    There are Those in the Ranks Who Will Stay in the Ranks

    I’ll tell you why! Because they don’t have the ability to get things done. achieve! Leaders may achieve individually or motivate a team to do so, either way following tasks through to completion are essential. Leaders get things done.

    Question: How has the nominee demonstrated leadership?

    Example: Showing Leadership skills, building relationships, generates trust, motivates and develops others, aims for the stars, is open to feedback.

    I Intend to Develop Myself in a Positive Manner

    I intend to develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that will reduce my physical health and mental growth.

    Question: How does the nominee display this in their business and life activities?

    Example: Personal health, lifestyle choices, Identifies opportunities for growth and takes action towards them.

    The Mature Mind Gives without Remembering and Receives without Forgetting.

    I will teach and help others without asking for anything in return and will always be grateful for those that help me. I will share my information with those in my industry, to keep our standards high and our market expanding.

    Question: How does the nominee display this in their business and life activities?

    Example: Show us how the nominee has put someone else first, demonstrated random acts of kindness or displayed gratitude to others.

    Stop Driving the Bus

    I intend to develop extraordinary team members and will never forget the importance of bench strength. Team members personal progress will be paramount in my management approach. Becoming a leader in the business, not just an employee.

    Question: How does the nominee display this in their business and life activities?

    Example: Fosters a sense of trust and loyalty through their ability to delegate, inspire and empower others, is creative and innovative, open-minded, patient and enthusiastic. It’s not who is right but what is right.

    It is Not Who is Right but What is Right

    Meaning: Our focus should be on “what is right”. To be focusing on “who is right” is living in ego and not working towards the common good.

    Question: Give examples of how the nominee acts without ego and focuses on the right solution.

    Example: Acting to improve the image of the business, Displaying conflict resolution skills and good customer service etiquette.

    You are an Educator

    An educator stands shoulder to shoulder with a learner and shares a vision of what can be. They establish a rapport with a learner and assists them with their journey. To be a true educator, one provides an environment in which each student senses a concern for their personal progress.

    Question: Give examples of how the nominee displays these traits.

    Example: Utilizing care and understanding in training students, staff, team members and clients. Demonstrating Praise-Correct-Praise and other similar methodologies. Focusing on positive training methods to all, regardless of an individuals ability.

    Leave ‘em to Heaven

    I will not hold a grudge. I will constantly work to keep my thinking on the highest level by practicing my faith and avoiding the three mental enemies. Self will, Self Righteousness and Self justification. I furthermore intend to express gratitude joy and humility to all I encounter.

    Question: Give examples of how the nominee displays these traits.

    Example: Dealing with exists morally and ethically and leaving people with a good opinion of the business after leaving. Releasing anger and frustration after conflict. Being free of gossip or animosity about or towards others.

    How Can You Apply?

    1. All applications must be received before midnight on May 15th.
    2. Applicants may nominate more than one Nominee but each nomination must be made separately.
    3. Applicants must be members, or part of a school who is a member, of Mpower International Association or Educational Funding Company.
    4. Nominees do not have to be members, or part of a school who is a member, of Mpower International Association or Educational Funding Company.
    5. Applicants may nominate any nominee regardless of affiliation, style or industry.
    6. The applicant and the nominee may be the same person.
    7. Applicants and nominees must each have a valid ticket to the Mpower Summit for which they are applying for inclusion to the award recognition to be eligible for selection. (Buy tickets here)
    8. Awards will not be presented to nominees who are not in attendance with the applicant. Except under extreme circumstances.
    9. The announcement of winners will only be made at the Mpower Summit awards ceremony.

    Send all submissions to [email protected] by May 15th

    4740 Chevy Chase Dr, Suite 200
    Chevy Chase, MD 20815