Learn, train, network, and grow at the longest running continuing education event for Martial Arts School Owners.

3 Days of Inspiring Education to Enhance Your Martial Arts Business

Spend time next year learning valuable lessons in business operations, marketing, and instructor training from leaders in the martial arts and fitness industries! Whether you’re a new school owner working out the kinks or an experienced veteran looking to change things up, the MPower Summit provides continuing education for any and all martial artists looking to improve their business. Get the latest tips and tricks on how to market your programs, develop business operations, and strengthen your curriculum. If sitting and taking notes isn’t your thing, attend all of our workout sessions, and learn new techniques in a variety of different styles.

Learn, Train, Succeed

The MPower Summit offers 30+ continuing education sessions across 4 different categories: Business Marketing, Business Development, Instructor College, and Workouts.

Keynote Speaker

Kyoshi Kovar founded Kovar’s Martial Arts in 1978, and now oversees the operation of eight Kovar’s Satori Academy schools in the USA. Kovar schools generate an average of $45,000 (£31,000) per month with an average of 325 students.
Dave is internationally renowned as a Martial Arts instructor with black belt degrees in ten different Martial Arts styles, and is also recognised worldwide as an innovator of best practices for Martial Arts school operation, so much so that his products and systems are widely acknowledged as industry standards. Known as a “Trainer of Trainers”, people from around the world routinely visit Dave’s Sacramento facilities to learn his instructional techniques. 

Kyoshi Kovar is the lead instructor for MAIA (TheMartial Arts Industry Association) and provides monthly training videos to industry participants as well as articles in its monthly magazine. Dave has also published over 100 online business and teaching videos for the EFC, and his systems have been implemented at hundreds of schools around the world. Kyoshi Kovar has spent a lifetime honing his knowledge of Martial Arts and founded ProMAC, theProfessional Martial Arts College. He was named the recipient of the Martial Arts Industry Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010.

 Oversees Eight Kovar Satori Schools
 Founder of ProMac, The Professional Martial Arts College
 Regular Speaker at the EFC International Summit
 Black Belt Degrees in 10 Martial Arts Styles
 Average Student Count of 325 Students per School
 Monthly Billing Collections Average of £31,000 per School

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Browse through 30+ continuing education sessions for martial arts school owners and instructors, and implement what you’ve learned into your own business. Tracks include Business Development, Business Marketing, Instructor College, and Workouts.



Connect with hundreds of other martial arts school owners and instructors. Share ideas and experiences to gain a fresh look on business tactics and operations. Strengthen your network, and grow your school.



Attend a variety of workout sessions, and learn new techniques from world class martial artists. Don’t forget your gym clothes and gis because you’re guaranteed to break a sweat while attending the MPower Summit Workout Sessions.


Sharpen your skills, learn new things, and boost your career in 30+ continuing education sessions.

“One of the best learning experiences and a very valuable weekend for me. Meeting people who share their knowledge and want to move on for a better future”

Seyit, Bozdag TKD



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