Media Guru Charles Chi

From 1968-1970 Charles trained with Kam Song Yen in Northern Praying Mantis. In 1969 he began training with Chen Yuen Fa in Wing Chun Kung Fu, in 1974 he enlisted in the US Marine Corp, and from 1975-1976 he was part of the East Coast Military.

After conducting research since 2006 on the need for social media and internet marketing in martial arts schools, Chi presented his findings to the Educational Funding Company’s Board of Advisers and Board of Directors and was an instant hit.

Charles has helped over 200 schools set up social media marketing programs and has taught their owners how to create and manage their own content without having to rely on outside sources. This has saved them tens of thousands of dollars and brought in countless new students to their schools.

Over the past ten years, Chi has helped to create over 1500 YouTube videos and has been helping school owners get their videos ranked on the first page of Google searches to help market their schools.



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