Hyper Pro School is the combination of two amazing programs that create extraordinary student experiences through martial arts training in sparring, forms, weapons, and tricking.

The Pro Training Curriculum contains over 50 three-month seasons and 40 camp curriculums.

This program includes:

    • Forms, weapons, and tricking
    • Martial arts athlete workouts
    • Hyper camps, after-school programs, and events
    • Upgrade curriculum modules
    • Demo/competition team training
    • Inspiring character campaigns
    • A free $599 valued starter package

The Fight Club Curriculum contains over 30 three-month seasons and the Bully Defense season.

This program includes:

    • Sport and combat fight training
    • Fun sparring drills and class plans
    • Powerful curriculum seans
    • Bully Defense Program
    • Bully Defense Outreach Program
    • Bully Defense Curriculum and Program
    • A free $599 valued starter package


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Chevy Chase, MD 20815


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